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How to Write a Stand-Out Essay When Applying for the Josh Gibson MD Scholarship

Josh Gibson MD says college education is quite expensive. It is natural that many students will try to get free financial aid. To get a scholarship, you need to be able to compete successfully with hundreds of other applicants, generally for a limited number of awards. It is, therefore, necessary for applicants to make their applications stand out from the rest. Your scholarship essay is one of the main weapons you have to create the right impression on the selection committee. Some tips on how to pack in more punch to your essay:

Make It Personal and Specific to You

The key to making your scholarship essay impactful is to make it personal. It should feel genuine and offer insights into the ambition and profile of the applicant to ensure. The Josh Gibson MD Scholarship, for example, evaluates application essays. To find out how the applicants describe themselves, the subjects they plan to study, and what they want to achieve in life. Your application essay is also an opportunity for you to project. The things that make the most sense to you and demonstrate to the reader that you can thoughtfully put across your ideas. According to Huffington Post, you should make a list of the qualities you want to highlight in the essay.

Tell a Gripping Story 

This makes it important for you to submit an essay that will captivate. The reader right from the very first sentence. You should, therefore, think hard about what you have to say, how you will structure it. And present it so that it makes for a compelling read. Instead of generalizing, go ahead and describe how you have done something specific that allows. The evaluators of the Josh Gibson MD Grant to find out what kind of a person you are.

Customize Your Essay to the Requirement 

It may seem a smart idea to repurpose an essay that has already been written. To save time and effort when applying for multiple scholarships; however, you should exercise caution because the result can turn out to be very ordinary. Rather, you should try to find out the pulse of the awarding organization and write out a truly original essay that specifically answers the questions that are most important to the organization.

Don’t Try to Anticipate the Expectations of the Reader

Many students feel that unless they project an image that is expected of them. They will not be successful in securing a scholarship. However, being true to yourself is often far more important. International students or students from different cultures should not try to mainstream themselves. But rather highlight the diversity they can bring to their college.


While keeping in mind that your scholarship essay has to be original and authentic, you should not allow yourself to get carried away and fail to observe the specified directions. Do not ignore any instructions given for word count and formatting or even what the answer should address.

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