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A technical guide to maintaining calm amid covid-19 anxiety for achieving Josh Gibson MD scholarship

The majority of the health associations have declared the covid-19 pandemic as a health emergency. Such organizations can give rise to mental illness. Therefore, psychological health must be a priority to maintain calmness of mind. Josh Gibson MD Scholarship is an initiative to support families with financial crises, thereby helping them to avoid unnecessary stress.

There are some ways in which you can refuse your stress and anxiety during the worldwide pandemic

Abide by a healthy schedule

The covid-19 pandemic has brought about a difference in the lifestyle of every household. Due to the worldwide lockdown regulations in most countries, people are staying at home, thereby losing out on the regular schedule of the day. Therefore it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take proper care of your nutrition during such trying times. You must ensure to stay connected with friends and family virtually in the absence of social gatherings.

Pursue hobbies that keep you occupied

It is necessary to handle the situations of the pandemic by conducting activities with prior planning. You must set realistic goals and indulge in activities that keep you optimistic. A relaxing recreation breaks the monotony of negative thoughts and helps you stay away from anxiety under current circumstances. Therefore it is necessary to engage in activities that give you a feel-good factor. Make sure to do activities that help you stay productive. Several online communities provide tutorials and virtual sessions to boost your creativity, thereby allowing you to stay motivated during such times.

Stay connected with your psychiatrist in case of pre-existing chronological issues

The pandemic has led to feelings of isolation and loneliness. The majority of the people dealing with mental illness are undergoing feelings of anxiety due to deprivation of social connections. Older adults suffer from wide-ranging emotions such as education, and anger thereby leading to insomnia. Individuals with pre-existing mental conditions should ensure medication from time to time. You must consult a counselor and avail services such as telemedicine.

Refrain from consuming substances to escape emotions

The novel coronavirus has brought about a massive upheaval in the lives of many individuals, thereby leading a majority of them to use coping mechanisms in the form of alcohol and drugs. However, excessive consumption of substances will lead to psychological issues. Moreover, it enhances dependency on alcohol and other substances even after the situation is normal. It would help if you refrained from substance abuse, navigate yourself to engage in productive activities.

Identify symptoms to avoid a dire situation

Panic attacks are increasingly popular among anxiety patients during the outbreak of the global pandemic. The uncertainty of the current situation has enhanced the stress living people are apprehensive about their work. Some of the symptoms of panic disorders are breathlessness and tightening of the chest leading to confusion with the symptoms of the novel coronavirus. Therefore you must determine the cause of anxiety symptoms and undertake necessary steps to alleviate the uneasiness so that you can work for the Josh Gibson MD scholarship and achieve it successfully.

Engage in relaxing exercises to maintain composure

Persistent feelings of panic and anxiety amplify into long-term medical issues. Therefore it is essential to set aside some time for relaxation to relieve stress. You can do deep breathing activities or meditation to stabilize and mental condition.

You can consult a therapist and enroll in virtual sessions for the necessary instruction and de-stress yourself by spending some time in nature all through a walk in the park. A positive distraction can relax your mind and ease symptoms of anxiety and panic.

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